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5 Must-Listen Podcasts

1. Hacking Creativity

Hacking Creativity is my favorite podcast on the subject of Digital Creativity and Innovation. Federico and Edoardo create a great couple and give a lot of ideas and ideas. It is the ideal podcast for those who work with creativity and are looking for new ways to produce ideas.


2.Made IT

Made IT is a very interesting podcast on the Italian panorama of digital innovation. Every week selected guests talk about their projects allowing us to discover all the latest news on the Digital Transformation scene.


3. Brand Stories

Max Corona's podcast is a beautiful example of storytelling and a journey into the beautiful world of brands. Told as compelling stories, brands come to life and fascinate us, making us discover the whole world and the people behind the successes and failures of the big brands.


4. Starters with Alin Ionescu

This project is a really interesting format where founders of Startups are interviewed who talk about their experience and share what they have learned along the way.


5. Smau Academy

The Podcast of SMAU the main Italian Digital Innovation fair is a collection of insights on many very interesting topics from Digital Marketing to Digital Transformation strategies.


The world is changing and those who are successful learn to innovate their own products along with their own processes and at people.

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