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5 Startups that stood out in 2021

The Italian Startup ecosystem is growing

2021 was an interesting year that saw investment in Startups multiply, a record year for venture capital investments in Italy, which broke through the ceiling of one billion in raised capital for the first time. There is talk of a growth of +118% compared to 2020 for a number of deals equal to 334 from 111 in the previous year.

The Startup movement in Italy is therefore growing rapidly even if we are among the last major European countries and much remains to be done.


Scalapay is one of the most innovative solutions in the e-commerce and fintech landscape. In fact, the startup allows you to pay in digital stores with 3-month installments. A convenient solution that is proving increasingly successful, so much so that it has been nominated as the startup of the year for 2021.



Ncode, which we already talked about in the interview with Giuseppe Stranieri on the world of NoCode development, is the first Italian agency and academy dedicated to the development of digital solutions without code. During 2021 it had exponential growth and next year will certainly be a year of growth and new projects for them.


Startup Geeks

StartUpGeeks is the first online incubator in Italy born at the end of 2019 during 2021 it had an unparalleled growth of projects developed, its StartUp Builder program.



Zwap is the Tinder of professional networking. On this new platform it is possible to get to know and build relationships every week with new people related to our professional world and our business.


Hacking talents

This all-female project is a wonderful initiative aimed at creating valuable connections through mentoring sessions between project members. Conceived as an inspirational platform for talents, it is based on mutual help and exchange between users.


The world is changing and those who are successful learn to innovate their own products along with their own processes and at people.

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