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Beyond: my community

Beyond is my community project dedicated to the world of digital innovation, a place open to everyone to do Open Innovation and mentoring on all the most innovative topics related to the digital world.

There has always been in me a persistent desire to promote innovation and digitization as a tool to improve society and consequently the world, for this reason I imagined a community where different minds come together, where ideas are not confined to corporate offices, but are generated in open spaces, nurturing creativity and generating technological advances. That dream is now a small reality with Beyond.

Beyond is the emblem of a vision that appreciates digital innovation, bringing together individuals passionate about AI, Web3, No Code and much more. It's more than a platform; is a place where you can have conversations with like-minded people, whether at live events, webinars, or within our Telegram and LinkedIn groups.

One of the key principles of Beyond is to keep you updated on the ever-changing digital landscape. I'm designing it to be a beacon in the stormy seas of change, guiding you to the latest market trends, thanks to our proactive community of early adopters.

We believe in the power of tools. The advent of No Code is about to revolutionize the web, and AI is ready to unlock new dimensions of creativity. At Beyond, we make sure that you are always on top of these changes, providing you with an edge in the market.

The spirit of Beyond extends to the events and webinars we organize. It's not just discussions; they are places where ideas collide, collaborations are formed and new projects take shape. These are platforms where you can offer and receive mentorships, creating an ecosystem that thrives on knowledge sharing and mutual growth.

Creating Beyond was more than fulfilling my desire for open innovation. It was about providing a space for you to learn, grow and innovate. Beyond is not just a community; it is a movement towards a future where knowledge is open, ideas are free and innovation knows no bounds.

Join Beyond

Don't just join us, create with us. Build your own projects, get valuable feedback and offer or receive expert mentorship. Beyond is not just a community, it's a journey. Enter the future. Join Beyond today!

The world is changing and those who are successful learn to innovate their own products along with their own processes and at people.

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