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Digitizing Dolce Gelato: A Case Study

Company overview:

Dolce Gelato, a company known for its high-quality ice cream and its affiliated entities – Dolce Breakfast, Horeca Machines, and Breakfast Club, was faced with the critical challenge of maintaining brand identity and sales efficiency in an increasingly digital world. As project manager, I undertook the effort of digitizing sales and rebranding across all facets of the company.

The challenges

The challenges that the group faced lay in the complexity of communicating efficiently to the right audience and target audience, having a modern, strong and immediately recognizable brand, having a strong identity both at individual brand and group level.

The biggest challenge lay in digitizing the entire sales process, ensuring maximum value and efficiency for both private and business customers.

Brand Transformation:

The journey started with a complete makeover of the visual identity of Dolce Gelato and its associated brands. Working together with a talented graphic designer, we have breathed new life into the brands – Dolce Breakfast, a line of products for breakfast service in hotels, and Team Service, renamed Horeca Machines to underline its focus on equipment sales and service for the Ho.Re.Ca channel Finally, the Breakfast Club, the management entity for the hotels' points of sale and breakfast rooms.

The Digital Review:

Subsequently, we created multilingual websites and dedicated web portals for each brand.

For Dolce Gelato, we designed a multilingual site to showcase the group's flagship brand.

We have launched a B2C e-commerce platform for company outlets, opening up a new sales channel for our consumers.

For Ho.Re.Ca. operators, we have launched a B2B e-commerce platform. This platform also functions as an online catalog for potential customers, giving them a convenient way to explore our offerings.

To facilitate seamless customer interaction across all of these sites, we've integrated a generative AI-powered chatbot trained on a knowledge base of business activities.

For Horeca Machines, a lead generation and quotation preparation site was created to effectively manage potential customers and their needs.

The Dolce Breakfast brand received its own showcase site, while Breakfast Club received a website in Italian and English for a wider reach.

On all sites, we have prepared forms for contact management, customer assistance and complaints, ensuring a smooth customer experience.


This digital transformation has provided a much-needed update to Dolce Gelato's sales operations and brand identity, successfully bringing them into the modern digital age.

The world is changing and those who are successful learn to innovate their own products along with their own processes and at people.

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