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The new era of the “New Normal”

How to win the challenge for a new beginning

Never like before, better than before. This is the perspective we must imagine for the era of the "new normal" or "new normality" in which we will return to our lives after months and months of being held hostage by COVID-19. Indeed, a new paradigm will be needed in many areas of our lives: from doing business to approaching professional life and balancing it with personal life. 

What are the big changes that society will have to face in this path of rebirth after a two-year period full of big and for many dramatic changes.

The pandemic has accelerated many changes that were already underway in society and in the world of work, however it is not the only cause of the great changes that we will experience in the near future, also the climate crisis and geopolitical change will affect the definition of our lives starting from this year, probably the entire decade will see a radical transformation of lifestyles and greater technological and scientific acceleration.

The major themes that will be the drivers of change will be:

  • Digitization and the merging of aspects of physical life with digital life.
  • The dizzying development of technologies such as Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  • The green revolution that will lead us to embrace a model of sustainable development.
  • A change of lifestyles that will lead to an even more globalized world.
  • An evolution of many aspects of our private and working life.
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The digitization that was forced by the pandemic during 2020 will leave a great legacy consisting of a whole series of solutions and products designed to replace some physical equivalents, from online training, to cultural entertainment, passing through events but also medical services that do not require the presence of patients.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

The development of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence have instead been made possible by the large investments made in technologies and in the cloud sector by the major market players, great expectations are concentrated on the Open AI and Boston Dynamics projects on the subject.

Green Revolution

The green revolution, on the other hand, made no longer postponeable by the rapid global climate worsening, will see many changes in our lives: from clean energy to green building, from the transition from oil to electricity, ending with what promises to be a substantial evolution also in the food sector, the focus will be on sustainability and the creation of many new circular economy realities. Resources such as hydrogen and clean energy will be at the heart of this paradigm shift.


Lifestyle changes will see the unchallenged progress of globalization which will be a very difficult phenomenon to manage due to inequality and the great geopolitical upheavals that the pandemic has only accelerated such as the growth of Asian countries and the crisis of the Western system. The leaders of the major world realities will have to cooperate to help societies in a period which, net of tensions, will also see a greater union and internationalization of customs and the creation of a new cultural koine in many countries.

Finally, great changes will also take place in our private sphere where the home and the house will enjoy a new centrality and a new point of view. Many services will be permanently transformed to reach us comfortably at our home. Finally, there will be greater personalization of products and contents thanks to the large amount of data in the marketing field and their analysis and management.

"Change, with all the risks it entails, is the law of existence." (Robert Kennedy)

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