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OpenAI DevDay: The New Era of AI with GPT-4 and more

OpenAI presents GPT-4 Turbo, the ability to create and sell Chatbots and many other amazing new features

OpenAI's latest DevDay marked a turning point for technology enthusiasts and digital professionals. With cutting-edge innovations, the field of artificial intelligence opens up to unexplored possibilities, breaking down barriers to entry and enhancing the tools available to developers. Here is a summary of the most significant news.

🚀 GPT-4 Turbo: Unprecedented Power

Recently, OpenAI made a leap forward in the field of artificial intelligence with the release of GPT-4 Turbo. This advanced version is not only more powerful than its predecessors, but supports up to 128,000 tokens and is updated in April 2023, allowing us to develop extremely long and complex conversations and documents with more refined and capable artificial intelligence.

🎧 Whisper Version 3: AI Audio That Speaks to You Naturally

In the digital audio ecosystem, Whisper updates with its third version. This update allows you to generate audio from text in an even more fluid and natural way, getting incredibly close to human cadence and opening new frontiers for content creation and customer experience.

⚙️ Fine-Tuning Accessible on GPT-4

Fine-Tuning, or the ability to customize AI models according to your needs, will become a practice within everyone's reach even with GPT-4. It will be an increasingly simpler and less expensive process, democratizing access to customizable technology for the masses.

🔒 Privacy comes first

OpenAI is committed to the privacy of its users, ensuring that the machine will not be trained on our data, either through the API or with ChatGPT Enterprise. A commitment that strengthens trust in the relationship between developers and the platform.

💸 A Revolution in Cost

The most surprising announcement concerns the price reduction: GPT-4 Turbo will cost 3 times less for input tokens and 2 times less for output tokens. This means significant savings for developers and companies looking to integrate this technology into their products.

🛍️ GPT Store: The Custom AI Marketplace

Perhaps the most exciting news is the announcement of GPTs, customized versions of ChatGPT created by users on any topic. This customization will be very easy and accessible, both with ChatGPT and the API. And a GPT Store will be launched soon, where users will be able to share or sell their GPTs in Revenue Sharing mode.

🚀 Assistants API: Advanced AI Integration

OpenAI has introduced a new API for embedding AI assistants into software. This new interface opens up amazing possibilities, such as referencing documents, writing code, and interacting with other functions. The vision of this innovation is clear: a world where our digital activity is as fluid as a natural conversation, thus reducing complexity and increasing efficiency.

🧠 Custom Model Training: AI that Learns from You

Finally, OpenAI has opened the door to training custom models. Now you can train AI with your data, creating unique models that reflect the specifics of your business or research needs. The price of 2/3 million dollars is not within everyone's reach, but it is crucial to evaluate how much this figure can represent an investment in savings and efficiency for large corporate and multinational companies.

🤖 Zapier and ChatGPT: A Hi-Tech Marriage

The integration between Zapier and ChatGPT becomes even tighter. It will be possible to create your own personal assistant that will be able to interact with over 6000+ apps, boosting personal and business productivity in an unprecedented way.

💡 The Commodity of Technology and the Value of Ideas

In summary, technology is turning into a commodity: increasingly accessible and economical. This will level the playing field, allowing anyone to build powerful applications. What will really make the difference will be the strength of the idea and the ability to transform it into reality.

The innovations announced during the OpenAI DevDay represent a turning point for digital innovation. Fine-tuning and custom model training take customization to new levels, offering unprecedented and powerful tools for those working in the sector. The lower cost of GPT-4 paves the way for previously unimaginable initiatives, democratizing AI. We are at the dawn of a new era of AI applications, and the possibilities are as vast as the imagination. Stay connected to discover how these innovations can catalyze your professional growth and success in the digital world.

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