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2024: The Year AI Gets Even Smarter Thanks to RAG

Imagine ChatGPT, our digital friend that helps us answer a thousand questions. Now, imagine if he could “browse” an encyclopedia or database in real time to enrich his answers. This is, in practice, what RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) does. It's as if the AI had a coffee with Google before replying to you, to be super updated!

What Changes with RAG?

For companies, it's like having a super assistant who knows every detail of their work. For us, users, it means interacting with chatbots and virtual assistants that know what we are talking about, in real time. Imagine asking Siri where to eat the best sushi and she answers you by also considering the latest online reviews!

The Protagonists of 2024

  1. Codeless Systems: Even those who don't know how to program will be able to create AI thanks to RAG. ChatGPT will become the new trending gadget.
  2. RAG API: Developing chatbots becomes child's play, even for small businesses.
  3. RAG Workflows: Salesforce and Zoho show us how to use RAG to simplify business work, from generating documents to personalizing user experiences.

Examples of How RAG Changes the Game

  1. Customer service: An insurance company chatbot that knows your policy better than you.
  2. Decision Support: A company that uses real-time data to choose the winning marketing strategy.
  3. Personalized Teaching: An educational app that answers student questions by drawing on the latest historical research.
  4. Medical Advice: An app that gives advice based on updated clinical studies and your medical history.
  5. Tailor-made Trips: An online travel agency that creates perfect itineraries based on your preferences and current conditions.
  6. Financial Reports: Custom market analyzes that leverage up-to-date data and expert opinions.
  7. Business Workflow Optimization: A system that manages the supply chain in real time to reduce downtime.

In conclusion

2023 was just a taste. 2024 will be the year AI with RAG changes the way we work and live, offering us personalized solutions and insights based on real-time data. It's a bit like having a super assistant always by our side, ready to navigate the data universe for us. What an adventure, huh?

The world is changing and those who are successful learn to innovate their own products along with their own processes and at people.

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