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Something more about me

Curiosity and desire to change things

“Learning and innovation go hand-in-hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be enough for tomorrow."


In my career I have always loved to give a personal touch to the projects I have dealt with and over time I have realized that the stylistic hallmark that most of what I liked to do in common was to give a new approach to things, looking for to improve and transform them.

I applied this approach to a systemic curiosity and the innovation of things first in my personal interests such as literature and writing and now in my work and professional sphere.

On this page I want to tell you who I am, not locking myself up in a simple Job Title but trying to express the variety of my personality. I do this because I believe that a person is always much more than just the work he does.

In this blog I will mainly talk about Innovation and digital, in the articles I will illustrate what are the best trends and practices to innovate your business in this era of strong change.

In the What I do section, on the other hand, you will be able to see what services I offer to SMEs and small businesses to bring results and new goals with a new approach.
You can also book a call with me to deepen your interest.

Discover What I Do

My path


👨‍💼 I was born in 1988, I grew up with the Internet, already at 11 I was tinkering with HTML and discovered the world through a 56K modem. By vocation, training and professional background and I have not always been an extremely curious person, who easily gets passionate about what he discovers.

Among my passions there have always been reading (since I was a child I loved reading, especially the great classics), writing (in my adolescence I discovered both prose and poetry), culture (I easily get passionate about all the humanities , history in the first place but I love ranging from philosophy to economic thought), the digital world and all its potential. Over the last few years I have approached the world of Innovation and Startups, I consider it a stimulating sector as it deals with writing the future through continuous research.

Among my hobbies are music, traveling and hiking in nature, photography (specifically I also have a passion for astrophotography), painting with oil colors, and taking care of my two dogs Oliver and Holden (if you are a dog lovers you can track it here).


🧭 The path I have taken in these years of work experience has led me to develop both my soft and hard skills in a transversal way, ranging in different sectors such as commercial (both locally and abroad), strategy and control Management, Product Development, Marketing and IT Management.

💼 I started my career in 2008 starting to follow Dolce Gelato's customers in the Ho.Re.Ca. for the areas of Vicenza and Treviso. From 2009 to 2015 I represented companies such as Pernigotti and Erremme for the ice cream and pastry market for the Padua and Treviso areas, obtaining excellent results in recent years such as the increase in customers and volumes, bringing the Padua area among the first in terms of consumption of semi-finished products nationwide.

📈 Since 2013 I have been the director of the company Team Service and as such I deal with the strategic and organizational planning of this company that deals with the management of sales and assistance of equipment in the Ho.Re.Ca.

⏳ Since 2015 I have started a training and professional journey that has taken me from a role more closely with customers to a backoffice role.


🎓 In 2012 I achieved the degree in Literature and Communication at theCà Foscari University of Venice. Graduation was a rewarding achievement for me that gave me the opportunity to deepen my love for literature and writing.

Between 2008 and 2018 with friends we created a collective blog with contents of literature and poetry, given the common link with the great masters of modern and contemporary literature and poetry we borrowed the name from a magazine founded in our youth by Pierpaolo Pasolini, calling her The Heirs. Some of the things I wrote are also recoverable in my personal blog Anonymous Venetian.

In 2020 during the lockdown I started a small project to share my readings De Libris where I talk about my journey as a reader and how I'm building my ideal library over time, ranging from literature to non-fiction. You can also find this project on Instagram

In 2021, following a path of personal growth, I decide to open this site, wanting to express who I am a bit, giving more light to the sector that interests me most right now: Innovation. I have a digital innovation newsletter every week DIGITAL INNOVATION WEEKLY you can subscribe either on Linkedin That at this link.

I also contribute to the editorial project of Minnova as the author of articles on innovation for their Blog.

Since January 2022 I have been part of the Curatorial Team of TEDxMestre, and as such I support the team in the formulation of the contents of the events and in the management of the speakers. I decided to join this project due to the desire to do something with a cultural impact in my area.
You can find more information about the project and this year's activities at this link.

Since March 2022 I have also been playing the role of Mentor inside the Startup Geeks Startup Builder Program, and as such I try to transfer my knowledge and my experience to support those who are starting with a business idea, as a Mentor I am always available for a free initial consultation for those embarking on a Startup path, you can book a call directly here on my calendar.


Professionally I consider myself a Project Manager, in fact I would like to get certified in this sense as soon as possible, but specifically I think I fall more within the definition of Innovation Manager.
I strongly believe in methodology Lean and in its implementation.

I currently work for my family's group of companies, Dolce Gelato.
I play the role of Chief Innovation Officer regarding Dolce Gelato and I am the Administrator of Team Service. Our companies deal with:

  • Dolce Gelato was born in 1990 and produces handcrafted ice cream and pastry products
  • Breakfast Club specializes in contract management of breakfast rooms and horeca venues.
  • Team Service deals with the sale and assistance of machines and solutions for the HO.RE.CA market.

In my daily activities I deal with different areas, for Dolce Gelato I mainly follow:

🌍 theImport and Export Management (for which I completed a course at the Chamber of Commerce of Padua) following the practices and processes of the company's imports and exports, and where needed, the management of documentary credit. I like to relate to international contexts and companies and visit trade fairs in the agri-food sector.

📲 Marketing and Digital Marketing, I apply my knowledge of Growth Hacking, Digital Marketing, Web Design, Social Media and analytics tools to measure performance in the strategies of our companies.

💻 theIT Management and the digitization of processes following the methodologies of the "lean organization process".

💡 Since 2019 in the role of Innovation Management I try to bring innovation to infrastructure, business processes and project management, both for finished products and in the digital field.

In Team Service I deal with the corporate strategy and its implementation in the market.

🧑‍💻Since 2021 I have also been offering my services as Freelance Digital Innovation Consultant for the creation of Internet sites, graphics and solutions for the digitization of processes.

The world is changing and those who are successful learn to innovate their own products along with their own processes and at people.

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