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Best ChatGPT Plugins: A Complete Guide

When the world first tasted ChatGPT, the potential of this chatbot seemed endless. But it wasn't long before everyone discovered its limitations. For example, ChatGPT only knows about events before 2021 and cannot search the Internet for updated information. Meanwhile, rivals like Bing Chat and Google Bard have been trying to fill the gaps. But with the release of the ChatGPT plugin feature, we can now address most of the limitations of the chatbot and make it even more capable. Here is a list of the best plugins available today for ChatGPT.

How to enable and use plugins in ChatGPT

Plugins are currently an additional feature, excluded from the free version of the chatbot. You will then need to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus to access the plugins section. The subscription also gives you access to the more advanced GPT-4 language model, which greatly improves the quality of your responses.

1. Chat GPT Code interpreter

This plugin developed directly by OpenAI allows the chatbot to analyze code and is useful both for building products and for first-level data analysis functions.

2. VoxScript

VoxScript can summarize long YouTube videos and generate a table of contents, allowing you to ask follow-up questions.

3. Wolfram

The Wolfram plugin enhances ChatGPT's ability to solve physics problems, math equations, and even draw graphs and figures.

4. instacart

With Instacart, you can ask the chatbot to not only plan your meals but also go shopping for all the ingredients.

5. Speak

Speak adds a language tutor, allowing the chatbot to provide in-depth advice on how to speak another language.

6. GetYourGuide

This plugin allows you to plan your trips with links to places you can visit, with the ability to refine your answers by price and distance.

7. Show Me

Show Me can display long sequences in the form of diagrams, graphs and other visualizations.

8. AI PDFs

Chat with any PDF document and use it to quickly learn all its contents.

9. Prompt perfect

This plugin helps users write the perfect prompts for the chatbot.

10. Zapier

Zapier allows you to interact and integrate ChatGPT with over 5,000 different work apps without any extra steps.

11. Clay AI

Argil AI allows to generate images directly inside ChatGPT.

12. OpenTable

OpenTable makes restaurant reservations easy with minimal effort.

13. Kayak

Kayak makes it easy to book flights and hotels, and offer travel advice.

14. Review Reader

Review Reader can read the content of all reviews of an item on Amazon and summarize whether or not that item is worth placing in your cart.

15. Stories

Stories allows you to write stories illustrated with generated images and collected in a vintage style book.


Create the perfect prompt for a stunning image for Midjourney

17. World News

World News provides up-to-date news from around the world.

18.World Bank Data

Allow ChatGPT access to a very large worldwide socio-economic database.

19. Speechki

You can use Speechki to convert text to audio.

20. Chess

Use the Chess plugin to play chess and improve your style.


ChatGPT plugins have opened up new possibilities, greatly improving the capabilities of the chatbot. From planning trips to editing images, learning languages to reading the news, there's a plugin for almost every need. Explore these tools and see how they can improve your ChatGPT experience.

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