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The law for Content Creators and how it will change the web

The Content Creators Amendment

The Italian Senate just passed a law that will make it easier for content creators to get paid for their work. The rule falls within the so-called "Competition law" and promises to regulate the digital market and to find a way to settle any disputes between creators and platforms.

This new law is an initial step to regulate an area where Italy is still far behind like the digital sector.

Who are content creators?

Content creators are those who create content for the public. They are responsible for making sure the content is relevant, engaging, and most importantly, accurate. They can be copywriters, video makers, popularizers or even influencers.

A figure brought to the fore by the change that has affected the world of social media in recent years. Now whether it's for a content marketing strategy or for passion, many users have become content creators also thanks to the boost given to social media and free time from the pandemic.

What does the amendment foresee?

The amendment approved on August 2, in fact, contains in article 28 the obligations for the government to identify specific categories of controls for the creators of digital content and to provide mechanisms for resolving disputes between creators and platforms.

ART. 28. In paragraph 1, after letter l), add the following:

l-bis) identification of specific categories of controls for digital content creators, taking into account the economic activity performed;

l-ter) provision of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms between digital content creators and related platforms.

Amendment presented during the legislative approval of the competition decree

The credit for this proposal goes to the Hon. Valentina Barzotti and to the Hon. Enza Bruno Bossio who presented to the Productive Activities Commission of the Chamber the proposed amendment to the Competition Bill containing the Content Creators amendment, approved by the Commission on 14 July last.

What happens next for the media industry in Italy?

The recognition of the content creator figure by the law opens up new scenarios, according to one of the major supporters of the amendment, Cosmano Lombardo, creator of the Web Marketing Festival, who was also heard during a hearing in the Senate.

We have been working for years to innovate the labor market, favor workers and businesses. We have followed from the beginning and have been committed to achieving this first goal. The digital & tech sector can celebrate the first important step towards the legal and fiscal recognition of one of the new professional figures that characterize it. In fact, all of this above all constitutes the battering ram to make the various institutional bodies understand how important it is to innovate the labor market. The country continues to be blocked due to excessive labor costs and bureaucratic mechanisms linked to the old economy. The Creator Economy, as well as the startup world and in general the Italian digital-tech department that is driving our country needs a turning point to continue playing this role, guarantee employment, contribute to digitization and not lose competitiveness at an international level. For this to happen, it is necessary to reduce labor costs, set up a National Contract for workers of digital-tech companies and startups, create ATECO codes for all the new professionals that have emerged in the last two decades and break down the contractual system into levels, adapting it to current mechanisms.

The creator of the WMF and CEO of Search On Media Group Cosman Lombard

The Italian Senate recognized the profession of content creator with a law approved on November 27th. This act is an important step for the media industry because it will create a more sustainable environment for journalists and authors.

This law will therefore be able to help create a more sustainable environment for anyone who wants to take this path, hopefully having other positive effects for the media ecosystem in Italy.

The world is changing and those who are successful learn to innovate their own products along with their own processes and at people.

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