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What is the best AI chatbot?

Big AI Chatbot Comparison: Who Will Win the Challenge?

The virtual assistant arena is witnessing an epic showdown as leading AI chatbots compete to see who is the best. This duel to the last byte is spectacular, and today we compare their highlights. Who will win the title? Let's find out together! 🔥

1. Research: Knowledge is Power

The first round of the competition is dedicated to research. There are three contenders:

  • Bing Chat: Your ability to access the Internet and provide online information with links to sources offers a significant advantage.
  • Google Bard: Created by Google, leverages native search in the world's largest and most optimized search engine, so a lot is expected.
  • Claudia 2: Proves to be a worthy opponent, adept at finding content and presenting results.
  • Chat GPT: It temporarily lost its native Bing integration but compensates with its many plugins

2. Synthesis: The Art of Compressing Information

The second round is the challenge of synthesis. Some prompts may Claude 2 show its value, supporting a context of around 100,000 tokens or 75,000 words, making it capable of processing entire books at once, followed by ChatGPT with a remarkable ability to digest input 25,000 words or 32,768 tokens, Bing would the same capacity but it has been limited for security reasons the exact number is not known and finally closes Google with Bard 4000 letters or about 1000 tokens (800 words).

3. Coding and Data Analysis: The Secret Ingredient to Success

ChatGPT shines in the third round with its Code Interpreter. This feature is a powerful weapon: it compiles code instantly, fixes errors automatically, and uses the results as feedback to refine your answers. A feature so far unique that competitors have not yet found a way to imitate in the same way, to find something like this you have to turn to solutions designed specifically for developers even if the Bard update of the last few weeks is placing it as a valid free alternative.

4. Creativity: The Expression of Artificial Ingenuity

The fourth round focuses on creativity. Here, ChatGPT excels, astounding us with its ability to generate engaging and creative content. GPT4 in this is the Chatbot that gives the most appropriate answers, Bard with its multiple answers, however, could have an interesting evolution from this point of view, Claude with the right prompts can give a lot, Bing instead can only be useful on very short outputs .

5. Logical Reasoning: Convincing and Consistent

In the fifth round, logical reasoning takes center stage. ChatGPT's answers demonstrate a solid thought process, providing coherent and well-structured explanations. However, Claude proves to be excellent if guided in reasoning, however for Bing the limit is the number of answers.
Google recently updated Bard, improving the 30%'s math and calculation accuracy. The assistant is now able to provide complex information such as the prime factors of numbers in the millions and the growth rate of savings, albeit with a disclaimer warning of possible errors. In addition, a function has been introduced that allows Bard data to be manipulated in Sheets, making it easier to manage in Excel and the like. Less than a month ago, Bard was made available in 180 additional countries and updated with the PaLM 2 dataset, bringing it closer to the capabilities of ChatGPT.

6. Questions and Information Search

Bing Chat, ChatGPT and Claude 2 go into round 6 answering random questions: Bing Chat has Internet access, ChatGPT has suspended Bing search but you can use one of the different ChatGPT plugin services with web access, Bard can access the Internet and, as a Google product, will increasingly be able to use Google services, which is no small thing. The arena in this case narrows down temporarily to Bard and Bing, at the moment the latter is better, waiting for the web search on ChatGPT to return and for Google to update Bard properly to do online research.

7. Language Support: Beyond Language Barriers

In the seventh round, language support is in the foreground. ChatGPT shines with its extensive support across different languages and countries. , while Bing Chat supports several languages, even if it is said that it is not up to ChatGPT, the same goes for Google Bard Claude 2 is finally limited to English, and only in the USA and UK.

8. Cost: How much do they cost?

The last round is dedicated to the cost. Both Bard and Bing Chat and Claude 2 are free, while to take advantage of the advanced features of ChatGPT, such as the Code Interpreter, a monthly subscription of 20.00 $ is required.

9. Who win?

If I had to draw up a provisional ranking I would put it down like this:

1st ChatGPT 🥇 - It remains the best solution for now as well as the one with the greatest possible uses thanks to plugins.

2nd Google Bard 🥈 - A trusted second place because the Bard engine aka PaLM promises to be extraordinary combined with Google services.

3rd Bing Chat 🥉 – It is based on ChatGPT and combines the potential of web research and a touch of multimodality with images.

4th Claude 2 🏅- Great for text production, he's a respectable competitor to keep an eye on.

Each chatbot has its own strengths, but the choice depends on your needs. It doesn't matter which one is the winner right now because an update can easily change the leaderboard so give them a try and choose the one that best suits your needs.
These virtual assistants are changing the game of human interaction with technology. It's a challenging race that promises to take AI to new heights! 💼🤖

CharacteristicsBing ChatGoogle BardClaudia 2Chat GPT
ResearchInternet access and sources with linksUse Google's native searchIt does not have access to the Internet but can handle many inputs to search.Excellent at accessing sources and information through its plugins
SynthesisGood at summarizing contentMake summaries on a wide range of topicsAdept at summarizing content and contextProficient in text synthesis
Data coding and analysisNot specific to this useA recent update has made it possible to add more input to code review and data analysisNot specific to this useExcellent with Code Interpreter
CreativityThanks also to the creation of images, it can create many more things such as a logo for exampleFor each request it provides 3 answers allowing you to choose the best one.Works well at creating text for specific scopes but needs guidanceJuggles well in generating creative content
Logical reasoningIt has an answer limitHe manages to have a good logical threadHe does it discreetlyProvides structured and well-reasoned answers
Language SupportIt supports the same languages as ChatGPT plus 6 more via voice input as wellAvailable in 46 languagesLimited to English and US and UK onlyIt supports 95 different languages
CostFreeFreeFreeGPT4, Code Interpreter and Plugin at $20/month

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