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Who I am

We can help you develop and execute a clear and strategic IT roadmap with priorities that are closely linked to business goals.


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Harness the power of digital innovation to be one step ahead of your competitors.

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My way of working

Innovating is a profession find out how I do it


Any of my consultancy starts with an analysis of the previous situation, to map the risks and possibilities of each possible intervention.


Once the scenario has been defined and the strengths and weaknesses have been found, a budget of the interventions to be carried out to innovate the business is drawn up.


Finally, through careful planning, the steps to be taken, the objectives to be achieved and the timing are analyzed.

My areas of specialization

The digital world runs fast, don't stay behind!

In a digital landscape that is changing and evolving ever faster, having a point of reference for the adoption of digital innovation and its tools can make the difference and create competitive advantages.

Lean startup method

The Lean Startup method is the method born in Silicon Valley to launch a project by validating the business hypothesis, without waste and with data based methods.

Digitalization & Artificial Intelligence

Knowing all the tools and SAAS available on the market allows you to increase the productivity and quality of your online presence.

Web3 and Metaverse

The future of the Internet promises a real revolution, but how can we invest in it without making any missteps? Studying together a solid and rewarding strategy for its customers.

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Sora by OpenAI: The Dawn of Generative Video Explained Simple

Sora by OpenAI: The Dawn of Generative Video Explained Simple

20 February 2024 digital innovation, Artificial intelligence, Trends and News

OpenAI ha introdotto Sora, un modello IA che segna una rivoluzione nella creazione di contenuti video, generando scene dettagliate da semplici descrizioni testuali. Questo modello, erede di DALL-E 3, adotta un approccio innovativo combinando modelli di diffusione con trasformatori per creare video di diverse durate, aspetti e risoluzioni. Mentre le potenzialità creative di Sora sono immense, OpenAI pone una forte enfasi sulle questioni etiche, implementando misure precauzionali per prevenire abusi. Sora rappresenta non solo un progresso tecnologico, ma invita anche a riflettere sull’uso responsabile dell’IA nella creatività digitale.

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Whether you need to plan and structure your online presence or adopt a plan to digitize and innovate your company, I can provide you with information that will save you time, effort and money.